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The Songs our Fathers Sang

In Montgomery Alabama
a brave woman took a stand,
a young black preacher took our white hand
and tried to lead us to the Promised Land.
Instead we went off to the bloody fields of Vietnam
With all our guns a blazing
while he preached that equality
and justice belong to everyone
no matter the color of their skin.

Prophets sprouting up on street corners, shouted out
unless you change your ways, the end is going to come.
Salvation Army women sang, “When the Saints go marching in,”
to the music of the cymbals and the drum.
Politicians told people to throw away their Bibles, pick up the gun
because war is a just and noble calling.

In the streets of San Francisco
pretty girls wore red flowers in their hair.
Their songs of hope and freedom filled up the morning air.
It was for peace not war their hearts were yearning.
Young men roasted marshmallows over the coals
of the draft cards that they were burning,
and joined in the songs the girls were singing.

The world has turned around many times
since the flower children sang their songs,
and people marched in protest
against all the senseless killing,
but boys still play at being soldiers,
politicians still send them off to war,
and prophets still say the end will soon be coming.

Fog and dew drops melt in the light of day.
Old broken soldiers just simply fade away,
and young men die on the killing fields again.
Will we ever learn to pray for peace instead of war,
or will we just go on destroying life as we did before?

Pete Seeger’s and Woody Guthrie’s words of love
have fallen on deaf ears.
Bob Dylan’s songs of freedom
have been scattered on the wind.
Even though the times have changed,
life is still as precious as it was before.
It’s time to put away our tools of war,
and sing the songs of peace our fathers sang.

Engrave these words deep into your heart and mind, deep in the garden of your soul. Pride begets jealousy, jealousy begets anger, anger begets hate, hate begets greed, war, death and pestilence, but on the other side of the coin, and there is always another side, hope, faith and love beget humility, humility begets kindness, kindness begets mercy, and mercy begets peace, but of all these things love is the greatest, because in its pure form it pierces the darkest night, and destroys all evil.

Please spread the love and share this poem.

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