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Inauguration of Humanity

Once more the fragile
pendulum of humanity
has swung,
and a rational,
caring mind
has sprung forth
with words
that in all hearts
inspire, hopes, dreams,
and a new desire
to somehow
be better than
in our small way,
that we thought
we could ever be.

But in this moment
of unimaginable rapture,
in this moment
that has ignited
in this dark,
and most bitter hour
a spark of hope
In this moment.
that has made us
hunger in our squalor
for a sweet tomorrow,
for a better world,
one of caring heart,
one of noble mind,
we must not
we can not
forget our long
heroic journey,
our endless struggle
to achieve
the foothills
of the snowy
distant mountain top,
still hid beneath
a curtain of humanity’s
sorrow and darkness.

We rise now
upon history’s
cruel, unforgiving cusp.
Two ways
present themselves,
and once again
we have the right
to choose
honor, decency, dignity.

Or we can surrender
like we have
so often done,
To the bitterness
of dark and,
desperate days,
when we once looked
upon those
of a different color,
of a different creed
as somehow less
than we, in our
degree of majestic,
and somewhat
ignoble splendour,
conceived ourselves
to ever be.

A leader has arisen,
a man of humble
but of noble roots,
has taken on
tasks far too difficult
to ever imagine,
with a promise
that together
if we but have
one heart,
if we but have
one thought of mind.

If for a moment,
however brief in time,
we at last remember,
that we are of one race,
though diverse,
and many colored.

That we are
of one humanity,
that began in one place,
and in one distant time,
we can at last
reach out to
a destiny that
has always beckoned,
and accept
the moment
of sweet glory,
that God
in His infinite wisdom
has set before us.

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