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We sin and fall far short of the Glory of the Lord

We whom have become born again Christians are Holy in the sight of our God, and must abstain from committing sin, because we not only once again fall short of His Glory, but we bring shame and dishonor to Him. We heap indignity upon indignity on Him, and delight His enemy. We insult Him, and count the gift of HIS holy Son, our precious redeemer as if it were nothing. We throw His favour, His Grace, His unfailing love back in His face. We spit upon His Glory.

I believe that all who consider themselves Christians Sin every week, and consider themselves blameless in the sight of most Holy God. Sins of omission, sins of ignorance are still sins, because if you are true children of God, you should know of His laws and obey them.

No doubt, by now, you who are saved, are becoming upset with me, or at the very least think that I should be locked up in a padded room and never see the light of day again. No doubt you are asking yourself, “What is this nut talking about, I don’t sin. I read my Bible. I obey the Ten Commandments. I go to Church every Sunday to worship and praise my Heavenly Father.”

No doubt in your mind, you are a righteous and upstanding Christian, who cringes at the very thought of committing a sin. I feel that I am obliged to tell you, that you and millions like you break the fourth commandment every week. (For those of you who don’t know or have forgotten, the fourth commandment is, “Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it Holy.”

You may believe that you do keep the Sabbath Holy by attending Church every Sunday, by tithing and by prayer. I am sorry to have to rain on your righteous parade, but__Sunday isn’t the Sabbath, never has been, never will be. I am not asking you to take my statement as gospel, but I do expect you to do the research yourself, and not stick your heads into the sand up to the soles of your feet.

God didn’t change the Sabbath to Sunday, man did, and if you think it is alright for mankind to change God’s Holy laws and commandments to suit themselves, then you better read your Bible, because Jesus said, “I did not come to do away with the law, but I came to fulfil it.

Do not believe anyone that tells you any different. God gave us His Laws for a reason. He gave them for our instruction, and benefit, and we have no right to question them, but if we want to honor our creator, honor our Glorious, loving, merciful Heavenly Father, we are under an obligation to obey Him.

You have a choice before you, learn and do that which is right and just in the sight of Most Holy God, or choose to do that which you think is right and just, but ask yourself if you knowingly sin week after week, can you truly be saved.

Here is a link for your education. http://www.logosapostolic.org/bible_study/RP208-5SabbathtoSunday.htm?gclid=CjkKEQjwnqucBRDZvf_rk-fEj7wBEiQA8HDLEv8eK3aDC_RLIilwOPZhnNat52q1a6XjKY5WHfceGb_w_wcB

May you go with God, and may His countenance shine upon you, in your going out and coming in.

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